Looking for an alternative to Airtable or Google Sheet?

You have reached the limits of Airtable and are looking for another solution? Various teams across the organization are collaborating on the same spreadsheets (and it's becoming a mess)?

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Google Sheet



Lines of records
No record updates and complex conditional logic
No record updates and user-based permissions
Dynamic, multi-level and user-based permissions control
Interface access
No application capabilities
Limited to Airtable
Public or private
Data typing
API call limits
300 per minute
5 per second
API access
Reads or updates for the whole spreadsheet
Full access or read only for the whole user account
Multiple APIs w/ different privilege
Permission level
Database (Spreadsheet)
Database (Base)
Servers located in the US
Servers located in the US
Servers located in the EU
Chat support + 1 on 1 consultation
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Blitz vs Airtable

Move to a production-ready database

Spreadsheets and tools like Airtable are powerful tools for organizing and manipulating data, but they have several limitations. One of the main limitations is that they are not designed to handle large amounts of data. As the amount of data in a spreadsheet or Airtable grows, it can become difficult to manage and manipulate, and the risk of errors and inconsistencies increases. 

Additionally, spreadsheets and Airtable are not well suited to complex analysis or data modeling. They are better suited for relatively simple data operations, such as storing and organizing information, calculating sums and averages, and creating simple reports. 

Finally, spreadsheets and Airtable do not provide robust collaboration and version control features, so it can be difficult for multiple users to work on the same data simultaneously without overwriting each other's changes. 

Blitz offers production-ready capabilities, including a scalable database and multiple APIs with different privileges that automatically adapt to your data model changes. Blitz apps have granular permissions and are fully CRUD. They are accessible privately or publicly. 

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