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Operations teams are the backbone of the business of every company. In order to be more efficient, they use business softwares to turn manual tasks into automated processes. These softwares are either standard solutions, built externally and or custom products, developed internally. In both cases, they are built by developers who don't understand the business logic.

We believe there’s a third way, and that’s Blitz. 

About Blitz

At Blitz’s we believe that back office and most internal tools should not mobilize core tech ressources. 

"If I had a magic wand, I would ask for my own tech team”

Aircall VP Customer Success

Client-facing functions get direct feedback from customers. They should be enabled - under certain circumstances - to transform code logic in order to bring value to customers. At Blitz, we are building a no code layer that enables them to build business apps by themselves, with absolute autonomy and security. 

Our vision articulates around three ideas: 
- design, build and implement solutions faster
- build applications more adapted to the business
- create a culture of innovation and boost business productivity

Our story

Blitz was born from the frustrations we experienced dealing with tech bottleneck in our everyday job.

Clement profile pictureLoic profile picture

We both worked at fast-growing startups (3 of them turned unicorns) and experienced the pain of building product fast and scaling operations.

Clement was among the first employees at early stage startups. He experienced fast growth, which brought each and every time complexity to the product and to the organization. He used no-code tools to improve internal processes—but also to build new product features. 

Loïc has 8 years of experience in product, user research and software development, and has been working with no-code tools for years. In one of his experiences, he had to drive the roadmap of a very complex product with thousands of variables and limited tech resources. 

Luckily, the product was built with a no-code programmatic language that was very flexible and designed for non-tech people. This was the inspiration behind Blitz. It is based on three pillars:

  • Product managers and business people better understand business logic than developers
  • Software engineers should focus on the core parts of the product
  • Fast iterations and product improvements are key

Our ambition is to become the backbone of every business app developed by fast-growing companies.

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