Blitz is part of Y Combinator S22 batch!

Jul 06, 2022 - Reading time: 2 min
Blitz is part of Y Combinator S22 batch!

Y Combinator is the most prestigious accelerator program in the world. It is based in San Francisco and has backed companies such as Airbnb, Stripe and Dropbox.

“Blitz’s approach is different from anything I have seen so far. Besides their vision, I am convinced by the team background and their ability to execute.”

Nicolas Dessaigne, YC Group Partner (ex-CEO of Algolia)

Being accepted into YC validates Blitz’s product vision and confirms our conviction: the one who understands the business logic should be the one who codes it.

We believe that non-technical people should be able to build their own tools. They should not depend on developers, internally - or even externally, when they use saas products not adapted to their needs.

Loic and I both worked at fast-growing startups (3 of them turned unicorns) and experienced the pain point of not having enough developer bandwidth, while scaling operations.

Building internal tools is broken. Many no-code tools have tried to address that issue, enabling developers to code faster or helping end users build web applications on top of Google Sheets or Airtable.

But let’s face it: they don’t work, and the result is always the same: operations teams go back to spreadsheets.

Blitz is a no-code platform to build internal apps and workflows on top of a flexible database—so that:

  1. Developers can focus on developing user-facing features, and don’t have to build and maintain back-office applications anymore
  2. Product managers have now the capabilities to build internal apps with no tech resources
  3. Operations teams never have to do the same manual task over and over again

Y Combinator’s 3-month program will help us accelerate on the product development and go-to-market. Our objective doing YC is to get funding and accelerate our growth in both EU and US markets.

We have just launched our closed beta and are currently shortlisting the best possible candidates in marketplace, e-commerce, fintech, heathcare and logistics. We do all the heavy lifting for our customers and help them build apps on the Blitz's platform - so that they can scale their operations, but don't use any tech resources.

To get early access to our beta, sign up here.

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